Pita Pit

Pita Pit

At Pitapit we make good food with irresistible Flavours that excite. Fresh, quality ingredients you can see, all handmade, exactly how you like it, every time. And not because its trendy. We’ve been doing it this way for twenty years right around the world.


Who We Are

We are a healthier, better-for-you, lifestyle brand.

Our Philosophy is based on commitments. We are advocating for a new, tasty, healthy diet while protecting our environment.

We provide a wide variety of salads, Mediterranean-style pitas, rice bowls, and baked wedges. Also, we provide a delectable selection of Yogen Fruz smoothies and frozen yoghurt sorbets.

Tasty, hot, healthy food prepared by our friendly crew in a cool bright environment. Convenient, quick service with all food prepared right in front of the customer. Dine in, click and collect, takeaway and delivery friendly.

Our mission is to bring fresh tasty healthy food to everyone in a fun, friendly environment, and to positively impact people and communities on both sides of the counter.

Opening Hours

Monday 9am – 8pm
Tuesday 9am – 8pm
Wednesday 9am – 8pm
Thursday 9am – 8pm
Friday 9am – 8pm
Saturday 10am – 7pm
Sunday 10am – 7pm

Store number: 09631996