Remote Coaching

Remote| Satellite Coaching

Remote Coaching

This industry-leading 100% online training and nutrition service offers both intermediate and advanced individuals the highest standard of online personal Training and Nutrition coaching at a very affordable price.

This service involves an online consultation, movement screen and nutritional assessment. Following that, we set up your initial Skype call and strategy session with your dedicated coach. This initial session will outline your short- & medium-term goals with weekly targets set to achieve those goals. We get you set up on our app and teach you to navigate through it to use the service to its full potential.

Within the app, you will have unrestricted direct access to your coach who will answer any questions you need as well as guide you through your program, of which is laid out in an easy to digest weekly format. The app provides unique ability to keep you accountable to your training as it is all laid out in advance. We monitor and track everything from weight at each session, time spent in each session to weight loss over time. What’s not measured is not managed!! We have all bases covered!

Also available is email support and accountability via set weekly check-ins with your coach, you also possess the ability to directly contact your coach with any issues you face at any time offering a 24h or less reply time.

Satellite Coaching

One to One training is not a long-term solution for most due to the associated cost. When you have achieved your goal via our one to one package. You may then want to explore the Satellite Coaching package.

This form of coaching offers a unique blend of online and In-person coaching at a lower overall cost to the consumer. This hybrid service offers both traditional PT on a once weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. You can then conduct this along with preprogrammed autonomous training at your local gym.

Our Online training is monitored from our custom built and fully integrative mobile application. This offers the user an interactive portal that guides you step by step through your training program straight from your phone. Once you are set up you can navigate through your scheduled workouts across the weeks as well as direct message your coach at any time. Every day of your program is detailed by your coach, inclusive of Exercise Videos displaying necessary equipment and lifting proper technique.

This option allows the complete autonomy to your training allowing you to train whenever or wherever you want all while still under the professional guidance and tutelage of our coaches.


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